Fresh air system according to 24 hours continuous exhaust, the outdoor fresh air through the consideration, clean sent into the room, in addition to the room will be dirty gas out of the outdoor, maintain fresh air in the room. New air system to do this effect prerequisite is to open a hole in the wall, so that indoor and outdoor gas according to the diameter of the commodity circulation, installation of new air system must open a hole through the wall, in order to introduce external fresh air.

Because of the closed house, close the windows and doors in the room will digest and absorb the gas that is not full of outdoor co2, very easy to endanger physical and mental health and sleep quality situation. The new air system, to ensure that the windows are not open ventilation, the room has an abundance of fresh air. And this is also the difference between the air purifier and the fresh air system is a big characteristic. Air purifiers do not need to open a hole in the wall, while new air systems must.

Installation of the new air system must open a hole in charge of the opening diameter of 150mm, riser diameter of 125mm - 80mm up and down, before the installation must determine what walls can be opened at home, installation holes can not be opened in the bearing beam, support, load and other risks to the safety of the building structure of the wall, if the new house just taken, as far as possible is to first consult the property management is not able to open the hole.

The top pipeline wiring will be over the beam problem, over the beam as much as possible is the application of over the beam device, not to better facilitate or reduce air resistance immediately cut holes in the roof beam, and can not use plastic hose flat pressure, will endanger the safety of the room surface and the application of the actual effect.

Installation of wall-mounted fresh air system is much easier, only must deal with the problem of wall openings can be, equipment hanging in the wall application, and for the small natural environment at home, wall-mounted fresh air machine application is more flexible, can casually adjust the amount of new air and new air temperature, in the late removal and replacement of filters and maintenance work is also relatively simple. Give full consideration to some housing property management does not give a hole in the wall, that can be considered to the window glass perforation. Order in advance a piece of laminated glass with a slot can be installed new wind machine.


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