The filter of the new air system is mainly to consider, block the outdoor floating dust, particles, air pollutants, and then send fresh air into the room, once the use of a long time, the filter will be full of dust, germs, pathogens, if not immediately clear the filter, it will lead to a more serious blockage of the filter when the centrifugal fan motor flow will increase, long-term application is very easy to make the motor burned.

Filter blockage is like the hand pressed the electric fan leaves like motor load increases, long-term pressed the fan leaves electric fan motor will burn, but also very likely to make it into the indoor air quality of the secondary pollutants, so the filter of the new air system must often carry out cleaning.

All normal conditions can be based on the local environment pollution situation independent set filter removal and replacement time. Basic 3 months to clean up a filter, every 2 years to clean up the key once can, in the air index is not good, it is proposed to clean up once a month. A friendly reminder, after the customer removes and replaces and cleans the filter, also remember to calibrate the actual operation to let the filter use time to remember again, in order to better the physical and mental health of you and your loved ones, be sure to carry out on time to clean up and remove the filter!


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