Speaking of the past two years, the new air system is the more red new project, whether it is the broad industry prospects of more than 100 billion yuan, or the competition for assets from all walks of life, the new air machine has long become a hot "fragrant buns" in the home appliance industry.

At this stage, according to the concept of consumer upgrading, physical and mental health concept continues to improve the general situation, the new air machine has become a lot of home purification of indoor air rigid demand goods.

How much does it generally cost to install a new air conditioner in a home? The new wind machine has a pipeline type, wall-mounted, vertical, etc., but even the same style price is very different, there are several thousand is also more than 10,000 yuan, what factors lead to such a gap in the price difference? Is the brand? Is the type? Or installation difficulty factor? The following is an in-depth analysis for the big guys.

1, the brand is not the same

Different new air conditioner brand price is all different, the key due to its brand added value of different. Will not be too difficult to find, overseas these imported new wind machine will need to be more expensive than the Chinese new wind machine brand, less than several hundred, more than double the difference.

In addition, the brand is not the same new wind machine, its commodity server, exhaust volume, energy consumption, noise, after-sales service, etc. are not the same, so the price is also very different. The most critical component of the new air machine is the motor of the server, the motor quality of the high and low decision on the quality of the new air machine. Universal gas from the motor, filter, heat exchanger and other key components, are selected from overseas imported raw materials.

2、Product categories are not the same

New air product category is also a key element that jeopardizes the price of the new wind machine. Different model specifications vary in price, single-sided flow of new wind machine and general double flow of new wind machine price more popular, full heat exchanger new wind machine because of the higher technological content, the price should be relatively high, the following science spectrum under the category of new wind.

From the natural ventilation mode points.

(1) unilateral flow fresh air machine: only new air into, only to fill the room with fresh air

(2) double flow fresh air machine: with air supply and exhaust system, not only can fill the room with fresh air, but also can discharge the dirty gas in the room to the outdoors.

From the heat exchanger mode.

(1) double flow fresh air machine: double natural ventilation, no heat exchanger role

(2) Heat exchanger air conditioner: double natural ventilation, and has the role of heat exchanger

From the installation mode points.

Decoration ceiling new air conditioner, wall-mounted new air conditioner, vertical new air conditioner

3, the installation process is not the same

The phrase "three points of goods, seven points of installation" immediately indicates the need for the installation of new air, and the level of difficulty of the installation is also one of the key elements that endanger the price of the new wind machine.

New air machine has a complete system software installation, including the inclusion of model selection, design solutions, installation, maintenance, etc. Nowadays, the current market key points pipeline construction and no pipeline construction, pipeline construction is generally installed before the house renovation, please technical professional staff home service design program server parts and their pipeline alignment, the cost fee is higher and spend a long time, such as intermediate decoration ceiling type new air System; no pipeline is indoor decoration before and after the left and right can be installed (most are installed after the interior decoration), this kind of installation of the whole process is very simple, only must be outside the wall drilling one to two air supply holes can be, the cost fee relatively low, such as wall-mounted new wind machine.

4, the total area of the house is not the same

Home installation of new air conditioner price varies also with the house housing area, capacity and the total number of people living in the room has a very large correlation. This is associated with a very important standard value, is the amount of new air. If the total area of the house is very large and more people living in the house, the larger the selection of new air volume, or must be selected to install the number of units on the larger (such as wall-mounted new air conditioners), the higher the price; on the contrary, the new air volume requirements about the smaller the more cost-effective.

Overall, the price of the new air conditioner is closely related to the brand, type, installation, and total area of the house. Therefore, the customer in the purchase of new air machine, grasp the new air machine price difference elements can also be reasonable to prevent some propaganda planning "trap", can be integrated with their own specific requirements to find a higher cost performance of new air goods.

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