In recent years, people's consumption power has continued to increase, and the quality of daily life has become more and more demanding. Especially in the modern urban gas poor condition, the coverage of new air system in Chinese style homes has gradually increased in the past few years.

The new air system has been on sale for many years, in addition to its operational characteristics and overconsideration of the actual effect, the installation is also more stringent regulations, to fully consider the gas flow, standard air pressure gas pressure and its exhaust volume transmission and other challenges, customers inevitably feel rusty.

For example, the pipeline type new air conditioner and no pipeline new air conditioner, some new air conditioners have a lot of air outlets, some new air conditioners but even the air supply port is not. Then, we talk about the basic principles of the new air conditioner, why some new air system does not have air outlets?

In simple terms, the basic principle of the operation of the new air system is to exhaust the gas in the room, the fresh air from the outdoors into the room after consideration, so the new air machine that does not contain the air supply port looks very strange.

In fact, there is no air supply fresh air system, in general, all refers to the wall-mounted new air machine. Relative intermediate decoration ceiling new air machine, wall-mounted new air machine body type small, also do not have to knock the wall to lay pipeline, only must be in the wall hole, can complete the role of ventilation.

There is no air supply port of the new air machine key with the help of the standard air pressure difference between indoor and outdoor, the room will be exhausted from the dirty gas, without the air supply port in the work can be carried out.

In the closed room where the new air conditioner is opened, after the new air enters the room, the standard air pressure of indoor air quality exceeds the standard air pressure outdoors, and a micro-positive pressure situation is generated indoors and outdoors. According to the basic principle that the gas with high standard air pressure will flow into the area with low air pressure, even if all the windows and doors in the room are closed, the dirty gas in the room will be squeezed and molded out according to the gap between the windows and doors under the effect of fresh air.

Standby situation, because the wall-mounted fresh air machine outlet is in fact not large, plus there are several filters, the cold air backflow into the exhaust volume is very slight, able to ignore.

Thus, some wall-mounted new air system without air supply outlet, but also to complete the actual effect of indoor-outdoor gas replacement. But for the intermediate decoration ceiling new air machine, its cover the total area is more extensive, each house is all between each other alone, try to install supporting facilities of air inlet and air supply port, only can complete stronger ventilation actual effect.

However, special attention is paid to the air inlet exhaust volume needs to exceed the air volume of the air supply port, or just into the fresh air, not as good as running in the room, it will be the air supply port exhaust out, resulting in the room did not produce a micro-positive pressure situation, and micro-positive pressure in turn, the outdoor dirt gas in turn will be a steady stream according to the window and door gap into the room, the indoor air quality quality can not be raised.

Thus, three points to see the equipment, seven points to see the installation of the axiom is still very important, no air supply outlet of the new air system is not a pit, the installation is not timely is considered a pit. Select a reliable brand, in addition to reliable quality management, but also has a wealth of experience in engineering and construction of the elite team, so that the effectiveness of the new wind machine to give full play to as much as possible!


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