Unlike general electrical products, the new air system is not a commodity that is immediately applied by electricity, but must be professionally designed and installed in order for the entire new air system to fully utilize its effectiveness.

There are opportunities to install whole house type new air conditioners, there is no such store past this village, which is the same as the axiom of selecting home central air conditioners and wall mounted air conditioners. To involve a hole in the wall, the pipeline outlet arrangement, really not anytime and anywhere you want to install it.

The house that has not been interior decorated assemble the new air system. In the case of doing plumbing and electrical engineering, about technical engineers to visit the house to inquire about the installation of natural environment, communication and exchange of ducting plan plan, installation of equipment parts, power outlets, jacks of pre-buried parts, etc. Carpenter gradually before the allocation of laying ventilation duct. At this moment the wall has not been solved, the decoration ceiling has not been carried out, therefore Assemble. And the installation of machine and equipment server, the decoration ceiling machine is allocated before the decoration ceiling, and the vertical machine is able to be allocated with the admission of household furniture at the same time.

Missing the opportunity to install new air in the middle of

Then the rest of the selection and cost is how?

If you tend to pipeline type whole house fresh air, then you must have sufficient full preparation, it is likely that the home must be part of the second renovation ceiling, the ventilation ducts hidden; or immediately exposed part of the ventilation ducts, the appearance is likely to be less beautiful and generous, but the air index of the whole house will be much better than that of the uninstalled equipment . Indeed, not willing to accept the open ducts, small house houses can choose not to install ventilation ducts direct blowing way.

And not willing to accept the open pipe and other methods, long ago the end of the interior decoration of the basin, you can only pick the wall-mounted new air system. The benefits of wall-mounted installation is not to go pipeline, suitable for application in a separate house. But the flaw is that pm2.5 removal work ability is weak. This remaining selection is not so groovy, but home improvement is to have the overall, even if the role of the lack of end to salvage, but also can not undo the comprehensive destruction of the interior decoration. Simple example: the original equipment that can be placed on the living balcony can be no harm to the clean and tidy level of the room, but to be placed in the bedroom because there is no consideration, the interior decoration comprehensiveness is really not counted (here are not even counting the harm to the characteristics of the goods).

Other methods of purchase.

1, home is certainly the choice of heat exchanger system software, indeed can save the consumption of central air conditioning and heating radiators, comfort is also high some.

2, no doubt the use of pm2.5 filter efficiency, this big guy should pay attention to, today's popular decoration ceiling models over the actual effect are relatively general, for winter more serious haze weather over the actual effect is not satisfactory.

3, about electrostatic precipitator and physics filter over the selection of different. I more strongly recommend electrostatic induction type, can remove bacteria, can avoid all kinds of influenza and it according to the airborne diseases. And because the water can be cleaned, the middle and late consumables low cost.

4, proposed not to blindly follow the trend of following international brands, more need not be confused by the said white foreign manufacturing, careful recognition of the quality of the new air system is the right answer.

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