Some people think that the new air system is the air purifier is a new name?

It is a misconception that they do not know about the new air system.

The major difference of the new air system depends on the fact that a hole must be opened in the wall to install a bronchial tube to carry out indoor-outdoor air purification and ventilation to ensure fresh and neat gas in the room. The installation of a new air system is to better complete ventilation without opening windows.

And the air purification machine only purifies the indoor gas without opening the hole. There is no way to complete indoor-outdoor gas ventilation and air exchange without opening windows for ventilation.

Improve indoor air quality mobility and present fresh air

If you are settled in the street, then you have undoubtedly experienced the noise destruction when opening the windows for ventilation, more run down is also a constant stream of dust into the room just cleaned the house a day out to accumulate a layer of dust. This is clear to see, but also a large number of invisible germs, bee pollen, etc. unknowingly into the room. Coupled with rain, snow or haze weather hazards, indoor ventilation is restricted, odor, moisture and organic waste gases caused by human activities can not be immediately removed, so it can make people cause dizziness and other illnesses. The fresh air system can prevent a lot of dust produced by opening windows and ventilation, and its over-consideration setting, reasonably over-considering PM2.5, pathogens and bacteria harmful substances in the outdoor air, gives you can inhale to the fresh air with sufficient oxygen and clean.

Removal of mold and odor

Rainy day gas wet and cold, will make the air grow a lot of pathogens bacteria aflatoxin, causing upper respiratory tract infections and other diseases. Especially the elderly, children and pregnant women at home with poor immunity are more susceptible. Fresh air system in the cyclone layer of the fitness movement, will make the aflatoxin bacteria can not grow in time to be sent to the outdoors, in addition to the room will be wet and cold filthy gas out, the root of the odor, to avoid the growth of mold and breeding germs. After that, your home will be worried about mold, which will help to increase the service life of your furniture.

Deal with indoor air pollution problems

After the house renovation, some interior decoration materials, such as paint, architectural coatings, woodworking board, artificial board to be caused by indoor formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, especially for the elderly, small children, pregnant mothers caused a great danger. Especially indoor formaldehyde can stay in the room for more than fifteen years, and the new air system is 24 hours 24 hours continuous indoor air quality to carry out the circulation of goods, indoor formaldehyde in the room has not reached the concentration value of damage to the body when the room is discharged out of the room to ensure the physical and mental health of the staff in the room inhalation.

Reasonable prevention of "air conditioning cold"

Especially in the summer, we all hate to blow air conditioning all day, but long-term stay in the central air conditioning room you can feel dry mouth and thirst, dry skin, dizziness, poor appetite and other illnesses. This is due to the long-term closed room does not naturally ventilate the carbon dioxide component surge, co2 amount is not enough to cause. The fresh air system can deal with this problem well, continuously transporting the colorful aerobic exercise gas to the room.

The fresh air system can produce fresh air for the room 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without opening the window ventilation can also enjoy the fresh air of nature, considering the physical and mental health requirements of the body. Therefore, the installation of a fresh air system is a must for most people.


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