1、Sense of belonging

After the installation of fresh air ventilator in the home, the greater gain is to finally have a sense of belonging, contemporary home installation of new air system has a variety of filters, including high efficiency filters to resist PM2.5 and over the harmful sedan and odor of activated carbon filters. New air machine to remove formaldehyde, odor, blocking hazy weather, exhaust emissions, organic waste gas, smoke, in the home to build security, physical and mental health of the natural environment.

New air machine with most of the year later, see the black paste filter, surprised idle, everyone in the home is also a crazy sense of belonging.

2, warmth and comfort

Severe winter windows are certainly firmly closed, but this in turn causes the gas at home is getting very stuffy and uncomfortable. Some people will be short-term indoor ventilation, but then subject to the confusion of the cold cyclone. Under normal conditions, adults exhale 22 liters of carbon dioxide per hour, and with poor natural ventilation, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the home can easily exceed the standard, causing side effects such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, headaches, and dizziness. In addition to the carbon dioxide exceeds the standard problem, in the heating area, in the room where the gas does not commodity circulation, the high temperature of the heater will continue to produce the harm of formaldehyde. At this moment, the new air system can send in fresh air, so that the room is full of co2, the room is comfortable inhalation comfortable, awesome!

3、Fresh and odorless

We all look forward to their own home fresh air, but because of a variety of reasons, the room usually has a variety of odors. Especially sitting, taste a lot, style can imagine, only the sweet smell of this one has long been enough to smoke.

This odor will not only endanger the comfort of the home environment, the physical and mental health of people caused by bad, very easy to get depression after giving birth.

After the installation of the new air system, worry about the external odor blowing into the home, and ventilation throughout the day can also dilute the original odor in the liquid room environmental pollution, exhaust out the filthy gas. Home feel fresh and odorless, so that the baby mother health and comfort!

4、Clear and quiet

The bedroom is the area where everyone feels safe and comfortable, especially the baby, a little noise will be frightened and cry. In order to better isolate the external noise, sleep all the time to close the windows, which will cause the quality of sleep of small children and baby mother natural environment is increasingly unbearable, due to poor indoor ventilation after closing the windows, carbon dioxide concentration value will rise to a very unhealthy high aspect ratio, endangering their sleep.

After the installation of fresh air system in the home, it can create a quiet and comfortable sleep quality natural environment for the mother and baby, improve the quality of sleep and let the baby grow happier.

5、Fashion trend

In that a "look at the face" period, buy objects must be beautiful and generous, beautiful and generous wall-mounted new air system hanging in the home, not only to improve everyone's home environment, but also as part of the home decoration, more eye protection.

Of course, to see and choose. Elspeth wall-mounted new air machine appearance beautiful, fresh air volume, operation of the case of sound insulation, cleaning effect is very good, installed in the home can improve the sense of satisfaction of the home.

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