Along with the social economy, and the public's concern about the air index and cognitive ability to gradually improve the coverage of new air systems in public places and homes is increasingly high. Install a set of new air system plus the arrangement of pipeline costs are not low, so customers are more concerned about the use of the new air system, in accordance with the current stage of technology, if it is not purchased to shoddy new air system, the general use of its life can do 10-15 years. In addition to the quality of the goods themselves, there are also the maintenance of the new air system in the application of the whole process.

1. Do not need to often start and stop the new air system

In fact, many new wind machine has no off button, generally installed is 24 hours of continuous transport of fresh air to the room, to standby is likely to pull the switch power, because often start and stop the new air system will not only enhance energy consumption, but also likely to destroy some components of the new air system, endangering the service life. Concerning the power consumption problem worry, the new air system power consumption level is low, if no one at home can be set to environmental protection and energy-saving ways.

2. Change the core on time maintenance

The new air system is generally configured with primary, secondary and high efficiency filters to purify indoor air, and the filters must be removed and replaced regularly. The air outlet of the new air system must also be cleaned on time, because the daily operation of the new air system, the air outlet is very easy to absorb the dust, long-term sex out very easy to lead to the growth of germs, causing the air index will be reduced.

3. Check the sealing of the pipeline

Long-term operation of the pipeline of the new air system, there may be air permeability, long-term maintenance does not carry out maintenance, will also endanger all the normal application of the new air system. For example, the high efficiency of the exhaust air and exhaust system is reduced, and the exhausted depressed gas feels part of the residual dirt vapor in the room.

4. Check the server linkage and operation panel

This household electrical components, long-term operation is also due to loosening, embrittlement, absorbing dust and other conditions, endangering all its normal application, so it is also necessary to properly handle, to prevent the production of safety accidents.


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