Is the cost of the new air system very expensive?

The general price of fresh air all depends on the equipment, different equipment price gap is really big, not necessarily the new air system should be a limit of the price range. But along with the development trend of China's new air field, the industry actively carry out independent research and development, in the technical, raw materials, manpower and other levels continue to manipulate the cost of fees, China's new air system has slowly step into the household.

At this stage, the new air system has a central new air system, wall-mounted new air system or vertical new air system and several other types of selection, in which the central new air system price is expensive, more than 10,000 goods are also very common. And wall-mounted new air system price needs to be cost-effective, the price of a few thousand also many. In addition, filters, role and other elements are endangering the price, it is inevitable to select a suitable new air machine in many aspects of comparison, within the effective budget money, select a can really. The new air conditioner that takes into account your gas requirements is the best.

Will the cost of operating the new air system be high?

Generally new air system machine equipment open 24 hours, many people think that is very power consumption, in fact, the new air system general output power is not large, even 24 hours open will not be very consuming.

For the renovation of ceiling-mounted new air conditioners, really. The area where electricity must be used is only in the motor part, most of their high power in 100-300w. To understand today's game desktop switching power supply are at least 300w, the power consumption of the new air system is not even as good as a top-quality desktop computer.

The output power of the new air system containing the dehumidification effect is slightly higher, in addition to the motor, with the dehumidification effect of the refrigeration compressor must also consume power, the total power consumption is about 900-1300w area, about one hour of electricity.

Will the installation of the new air system be inconvenient?

The installation of ceiling-mounted new air conditioners is generally in the early interior decoration, the installation of the whole process is similar to the central air conditioning, despite the inconvenience, but the actual effect will be closer, over the beam, open holes, laying lines, for the early interior decoration, is not rare. If it is interior decoration in the late, indoor ceiling has long been completed, at this time, the selection of decoration ceiling type new wind machine is necessary to knock the wall to punch a hole, indeed very inconvenient.

The emergence of wall-mounted fresh air purification, washiness beauty solve the past new air system installation difficult problem. Only need to open a hole in the wall installation can be, than home air conditioning installation is also simple. But with its relativity, wall-mounted fresh air purification of the air supply clean practical effect, no doubt can not be with the decoration of the ceiling type fresh air machine in general, only the effectiveness of a separate house.


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