Benefit one: warm and fresh in the winter room

Winter windows are generally closed, whether it is the northern region or the southern region, most friends will grow time closed windows, indoor air quality is not liquid, dust is very easy to accumulate, the gas is not very good, but there are fresh air system, can deal with this problem, to ensure that the room is warm in addition to the gas and good.

Benefit two: the introduction of fresh air

The fresh air system can produce fresh air to the room continuously, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day source of fresh air for the room, a project investment, four seasons application.

Benefit three: remove turbid gas

The room will usually be residual cooking fumes, newly renovated house furniture will evaporate harmful substances, but also smoking at home, so that loved ones "harmed", there is a new air system, worry about harmful substances on the health of the family.

Benefit four: increase the service life of furniture

In wet and cold regions, especially in the southern region, furniture is very easy to moldy conditions, the installation of a new air system can be wet and cold in the room to remove the odor, to avoid the growth of mold and germs, which is beneficial to increase the service life of furniture.

Benefit five: reduce noise distress

Contemporary people work too much pressure, sleep quality is not good, want to have a calm night, but the sound of vehicles on the road in front of the window makes it difficult for some people to sleep, this daily life if the window is closed and will lead to indoor air quality is not good, installed a new air system, can reasonably reduce noise pollution.

Benefit six: can prevent pollution

Contemporary urban planning and construction, dust, two days without cleaning there is a dust, do not use the "human body" to do the filtering device. Installed a new air system, can prevent dirt, can prevent the opening of windows and ventilation to produce a lot of dust, reasonable consideration of outdoor gas, to ensure that the gas into the room clean.

Benefit 7: The energy consumption is unimaginably low

Some people will ask, is the new air system like central air conditioning, power consumption is a lot? Actually, it is not. A set of new air system four-season operation, power consumption is less than the power consumption of refrigerators, full heat exchanger new air and can be acquired out of the kinetic energy in the outdoor air, a greater level of reduction of the summer or winter room storage of cold and thermogenic damage, reducing the energy consumption of central air conditioning.

Benefit eight: safety and convenience

After the installation of fresh air, can be without indoor ventilation, so as to prevent the assets and personal safety and security risks caused by opening the window ventilation, even if there is no one at home, can also be fully automatic fresh air ventilation.


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