An smart wearable air purifying face maskes product integrating anti-haze and fresh air

An smart wearable air purifying face maskes product integrating anti-haze and fresh air


Personal Wearable Air Purifiers Smart Electric Respirator Reusable Portable Rechargeable Purifier for Men Women NO 1Personal Wearable Air Purifiers Smart Electric Respirator Reusable Portable Rechargeable Purifier for Men Women NO 2Personal Wearable Air Purifiers Smart Electric Respirator Reusable Portable Rechargeable Purifier for Men Women NO 3Personal Wearable Air Purifiers Smart Electric Respirator Reusable Portable Rechargeable Purifier for Men Women NO 4Personal Wearable Air Purifiers Smart Electric Respirator Reusable Portable Rechargeable Purifier for Men Women NO 5Personal Wearable Air Purifiers Smart Electric Respirator Reusable Portable Rechargeable Purifier for Men Women NO 6

        Personal wearable air purifier smart electric respirator reusable portable rechargeable purifier for men and women. When the air quality is poor, it can be used for daily transportation, running, etc. feature: 1.Use a 3D parametric face model built from Personal wearable air purifier smart electric respirator reusable portable rechargeable purifier for men and women. When the air quality is poor, it can be used for daily transportation, running, etc.


        1.Use a 3D parametric face model built from anthropometric data. Designed according to the curve of the face, it fits the face shape and makes you feel more comfortable.
        2.Keeping fresh air flowing through your nose and mouth allows you to breathe easier and stay cooler.
        3.It can quickly and efficiently filter organic vapor, oil fume, pollen, dust and other particulate matter in the air, and the PM2.5 purification rate is as high as 99%.


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Fresh Healthy Air
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Active fresh air mask machine Air Cleaner
Product introduction: Model XFKZ-KF-01,Active fresh air mask machine adopts ionization catalytic coupling technology,Elimination: effective decomposition of bacteria and allergens
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Zhejiang MAKE AIR Air Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the technology research and development, manufacturing, and sales services of "fresh air purification integration" equipment. It was established in December 2014 and covers an area of More than 40,000 square meters.MAKE AIR will continue technological innovation to lead the continuous progress of the same industry.Core technology: Zhejiang Moki Air Purification Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiaotong University strategically cooperate, and Shanghai Jiaotong.
The company has successively introduced advanced foreign detection equipment such as American thermoelectric (Thermo Fisher) ozone analyzer, British PPM record type formaldehyde detection, etc., to provide reliability guarantee for improving the effective purification rate of the product. The company has reached a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, applying the "high-new air volume + electrostatic coupling dual catalysis" technology to product design and manufacturing, with the product design concepts of health, energy saving, and intelligent operation, adhering to the strategic orientation of independent research and development and technological innovation, and has a number of countries Invention patents and provincial new product appraisal certificates, all indicators of the products have passed the inspection of national authoritative institutions, and have obtained national 3C certification and A+ certification.
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1. who are we?
We are based in Zhejiang, China, start from 2014,sell to North America(20.00%),Eastern Europe(20.00%),South
America(10.00%),Southeast Asia(10.00%),Oceania(10.00%),Western Europe(10.00%),Central America(10.00%),Northern Europe(10.00%).There are total about 51-100 people in our office.

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Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

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air purifier,fresh air system,air cleaner

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Established in 2014,our company Zhejiang Makeair Air Purification Technology Co.,Ltd,Owns the core technology from Shanghai Jiaotong University,Its strategic cooperation partner for the last two decades.

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Extended content: (Chinese and English)


In the new year 2022, do you still like running in the morning or in the evening?






Running in the morning or in the evening is good. It helps refresh our mind and resist interference.

However, we must do it gradually by increasing the amount bit by bit and adjusting it to the appropriate range.

Recently, I ran about 3km in the morning and more than 5km but less than 8km in the evening.

It is also a good choice to ride a bike in the morning and run in the evening.




You can also run in the morning and evening on one day, and  run only in the evening the next day. There must be a break. It's so wonderful to run in the morning and see the sun.




To mention one thing, my own physical quality is pretty good. When I was a student, I could run five kilometers without any break every day.

I mean your own personal feeling is the most important. Run when you feel like running, and have a rest when you are tired. The most direct feeling that exercise gives me is relaxing and full of energy for the rest of the all day. I am able to enjoy deep sleep every night, completely getting rid of the old state that I didn't want to sleep at night and didn't want to get up in the morning. It's such a great thing! Remember to stretch after you run, and roll the foam shaft. It won't take long. The two methods cannot replace each other. They are both important.


The harm of long-term running. Yes, running also has disadvantages



In the morning and evening, you can see people running on the roadside. Many people start running to keep fit. We only know that running will bring us benefits, but at the same time, long-term running will also bring us harm. Is it really the case? Of course, but let's not stop running. Only by knowing the disadvantages of running can we improve during exercise. So what are the hazards of running?



1. Aggravate the condition

Many people are used to running. If they don't run every day, they will feel uncomfortable all over. They insist on running even if they catch a cold. These running habits are actually very bad,. Although running is beneficial to the body, it is also harmful to the body, as your immunity is relatively low when you are sick, and feeling the wind during running may aggravate the disease.




2. Injury to knees and feet

Proper exercise is important to reduce the pressure on the knees, but how many novices can run correctly? Running is actually a movement in which the body constantly impacts the ground. The faster the speed, the higher the flight and the longer the time, the greater the impact force on the body. Running rashly without proper preparation will cause sports injuries to knees and feet.




3. Poor spirit

Proper running will refresh us, but sometimes excessive running will also make our mental strength very poor! People's mental power is limited. We have to use this limited mental power to study, work and communicate. If you exercise too much, you will overdraw this part of mental power!



4. Inhalation of haze

Cars are running everywhere in the city, and the quality control is getting worse day by day. We usually run in the morning or in the evening of a day, so if you encounter haze weather yet want to run, you may consider running with a mask. If you don't pay attention to protection, you will inhale the haze into your body while running.



What is haze?



霾(mái),也称灰霾(烟雾) 空气中的灰尘、硫酸、硝酸、有机碳氢化合物等粒子也能使大气混浊。


Haze: as the name suggests, it is fog and smog. But fog and smog are very different. The aerosol system composed of dust, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other particles in the air causes visual impairment, which is called smog. Smog is grey.

Fog is an aerosol system composed of a large number of tiny water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air near the ground. It mostly occurs in autumn and winter (which is also one of the reasons for the large-area haze weather in January 2013 nationwide). It is the product of water vapor condensation (or sublimation) in the air near the ground surface.

Fog will reduce the air transparency and worsen visibility. If the horizontal visibility of the target object is reduced to less than 1000m, the weather phenomenon of water vapor condensation (or sublimation) suspended in the air near the ground is called fog. If the horizontal visibility of the target is within 1000 ~ 10000 meters, this phenomenon is called light fog or mist. When fog is formed, the atmospheric humidity should be saturated (if there are a large number of condensation nodules, saturation may occur when the relative humidity does not necessarily reach 100%). Because the light scattered by the fog composed of liquid water or ice crystals has little relationship with the wavelength, the fog looks milky white or cyan white and gray.

Haze (m á I) is also known as smog. Dust, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, organic hydrocarbons and other particles in the air can also make the atmosphere turbid.

Haze weather is a state of air pollution. Haze is a general expression of excessive content of various suspended particles in the atmosphere, especially PM2.5 (particles with aerodynamic equivalent diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns) are considered to be the "culprit" of haze weather. With the deterioration of air quality, haze weather phenomenon increases and the harm is aggravated. In many areas of China, heavy cloudy weather phenomenon is incorporated into fog as a disastrous weather for early-warning forecast. They are collectively referred to as "haze weather".


Hazards of haze:



(1) Affect respiratory tract

The harmful fine particles and toxic substances contained in haze are easy to be inhaled into the human body, directly entering the throat and bronchus from the nostrils, and interfering with the gas exchange in the human lungs. When entering the throat, it is easy to cause inflammation in the human body, and when affecting the bronchus, it will affect the normal gas exchange in the lungs, and it is easy to cause respiratory diseases such as acute rhinitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, etc. Patients with respiratory diseases can easily lead to relapse and aggravate the disease in haze days.



(2) Affect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system

There are many pollutants in the air in haze weather, especially in low pressure weather, which can easily affect the normal blood circulation of human body and easily induce heart disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease and other diseases. Especially when going out, cold outdoors is easy to cause blood vessels to expand and contract, resulting in increased blood pressure.




(3) Carcinogenic

In the haze weather, there are as many as 20 kinds of harmful fine particles and toxic substances contained in the fog, among which the substances containing aromatics with carcinogenic effect may cause lung cancer and other cancers, especially in places with serious industrial pollution, where people have a higher risk of cancer.




(4) Affect mental health

Haze weather has poor light and low air pressure. It is easy to cause mental fatigue, depression and pessimism, and it is easy to cause mild depression.


Haze prevention measures:



人们长时间待在室内,室内的空气质量会严重影响人们的身体健康,可以选用负离子式的空气净化装置,负离子可以与空气中的颗粒污染物结合,凝聚沉降,生态负离子生成芯片技术可以提高净化效率,实现超微净化。进入室内的污染物主要是PM2.5、PM1等超微颗粒物,【一般的空气净化器很难过滤掉】,我们要注意平时减少开窗通风时间,如果可以应该紧闭门窗。这是因为雾霾天气中空气中大量的污染物不易散去,如果打开门窗,很容易导致污染物进入室内,引发身体不适。 MAKE AIR New Model 350 volume Central Ceiling Fresh Air system china air purifier home这套空气过滤器是很好的选择,您值得拥有。

(1) Ensure indoor air quality

When people stay indoors for a long time, the indoor air quality will seriously affect people's health. Negative ion air purification devices is a good choice. Negative ions can be combined with particulate pollutants in the air to condense and settle them. Ecological negative ion generation chip technology can improve the purification efficiency and realize ultra-fine purification. The main indoor pollutants are PM2 5, PM1 and other ultra-fine particles ( it is difficult for ordinary air purifiers to filter them). We should pay attention to reduce the window opening and ventilation time in our daily life. If possible, we should close the doors and windows all the time. This is because the large number of pollutants in the air are not easy to disperse in haze weather. If you open doors and windows, it is easy to cause pollutants to enter the room and cause physical discomfort.

[make air new model 350 volume central ceiling fresh air system China air purifier home] This set of air filter is a good choice and you deserve it.

 MAKE AIR New Model 350 volume Central Ceiling Fresh Air system china air purifier home


(2) 外出戴口罩 

雾霾天气最好能够避免长时间在室外逗留,如果需要外出最好能够佩戴口罩。口罩能够一定程度上防止毒雾由口鼻入侵人体,减少雾霾对人体的伤害。选择口罩上尽量选择棉质口罩,外出归来可以用清水冲洗鼻腔等,也可以选择针对空气质量这个问题研发的口罩 Make Air fresh air maskes specially configured for running enthusiasts smart wearable air purifying face maskes】。

(2) Wear masks when going out

It's best to avoid staying outdoors for a long time in haze weather. If you need to go out, you'd better wear a mask. The mask can prevent the poisonous fog from invading the human body through the mouth and nose to a certain extent and reduce the harm of haze to the human body. Choose cotton masks as much as possible. When you come back from outdoors, you can wash your nose with clean water, or you can choose masks developed specially for air quality issue (Make air fresh air masks specially configured for running enterprises smart Wearable air purifying face masks).






本次提及到的产品是由 Zhejiang Make Air Air Depuration Technology Co., Ltd   生产,以下是公司的基本介绍:


Finally, to conclude: running may be easy to get injured and harmful to the body, but as long as we master the correct methods and protective measures, running will benefit us more with health and fun. I hope today's discussion helps. I wish you good health and happiness!

The products mentioned above are produced by Zhejiang Make Air Procurement Technology Co., Ltd. The following is the basic introduction of the company:


Established in 2014,our company Zhejiang Makeair Air Purification Technology Co.,Ltd,Owns the core technology from Shanghai Jiaotong University,Its strategic cooperation partner for the last two decades.We mainly develop,manufacture and sell catalytic products and fresh air purifiers for fresh air purification.Products can be used in various places such as shopping malls,hotels,hospitals,schools,houses and public areas.That is different from how the traditional filters are with our core technology,you simply need to wash filters instead of replacing them,our products have been tested by the national authority,enjoy the remarkable features of high efficiency in killing bacteria/viruses/allergens,powerful capture of PM2.5,low power consumption,low noise,no secondary pollution,formaldehyde removal and whole-house fresh air. All Rights Reserved.