Wall-mounted new air system should be how to maintain
2022-03-04 15:03

Fresh air system can be the room originally dirty gas out of the outdoors, to ensure the actual effect of ventilation, but the wall-mounted new air system is used for too long, for the characteristics of the equipment inevitably harmful, so to maintain the wall-mounted new air system is very critical.
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What is the role of the new air system through use
2022-03-04 04:02

The new air unit assists to improve for everyone our country needs to carry out to solve the problem of temperature control status analysis that is too cool in winter and too hot in summer, and apply the new air unit to make us feel more comfortable in the room. The fresh air unit allows the air index in the room to maintain is socio-economic development circulation system, and at the same time improve the company culture can produce itself in the room as a problem with a stable environment humidity indoor space, so that we are free from the hazards of dryness, wet and cold.
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Difference between fresh air system unit and air conditioning control unit
2022-03-04 55:57

The difference between the fresh air unit and air conditioning generator set depends on the fact that the fresh air unit is used to solve the fresh air, in large and medium-sized housing buildings, the general fresh air unit is applied with fan coils, fan coils with each other, fresh air is basically air conditioning, in general conditions, the air conditioning itself has a fresh air outlet.
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Design and selection strategy of new air system
2022-03-04 50:32

Ventilation of new air system manufacturers can achieve the following purposes: to reach the human body's breathing; to expel harmful substances, smoke, smell, etc. Heat dissipation; filling of combustion gases.
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The correct way to maintain the new air system and extend the service life
2022-03-01 34:25

Along with everyone's grasp of the new air system more and more, the use of people is also to enhance a lot, whether in their own homes or some public places, for the effectiveness of the new air system, or very satisfied, suffered a lot of people's love. In the case of the application of the new air system people also need to need to care about its service life, so that it can also be used for a long time, also do not need to soon replace the new, but also to save a fortune. Then how to properly maintain the new air system, so that its use period grows? Now I list the following 4 points.
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How to maintain the new home air system
2022-03-01 26:39

New air system in the heat exchanger new air system used in the three layers of filters to be immediately replaced or cleaned up, middle school filters can generally water cleaning proposal ask clear store, activated carbon filters some can be cleaned up with suction layer ware, generally cleaned up once and need to be replaced immediately. Efficiency filter immediately replaced with a new one. New air system outlet also need to do a good job of cleaning regularly, due to the daily operation of the new air system, the outlet is very easy to absorb the command dust, long-term sex out very easy to lead to the growth of germs, causing the air index will be reduced. According to the settlement conditions of the environmental quality decision how long to replace once, generally is 3 months up and down.
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What problems will occur if the new air system is not designed properly?
2022-03-01 14:19

The design of the new air system a particularly has the key, unreasonable design will produce development trend all kinds of anti-practical effect, unreasonable new air system design will produce some safety risks exist problems. The following together can grasp the analysis, unreasonable new air system design will lead to what security risks management method difficulties.
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What is a new air system?
2022-02-23 30:36

Do you know what fresh air is? For so many years, along with the reduction of the air index, so that how to "enjoy breathing" has also become the topic of discussion of the big guys praise, in fact, if the configuration of a "new air system", you can improve the quality of indoor air! And, the new air system has been widely used abroad, in China has long been a lot of large and medium-sized engineering buildings extended with the new air technology, and the new air has long been called one of the effective solutions to improve indoor air quality.
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The important role played by the installation of new air conditioning systems in autumn
2022-03-01 00:47

The air quality decreases due to dry weather In most big cities in China, especially in the northern region, the air is dry in autumn and the humidity in the air environment is not enough, so it is very easy to feel dry mouth and tongue. At the same time, because the air is dry and restless in autumn, the dust in the air is not easy to solidify and easy to produce germs; in addition, autumn is also the peak period of home decoration, the harmful substances produced by indoor decoration are not easy to be dried air coagulation purification treatment.
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New air system filter grade, principle, material division
2022-03-01 38:36

According to the level, basic principle and material, the filter type of new air system can be carried out as follows. A, according to the filtration standard points The general home air conditioner filter can be divided into three tiers, namely, the primary filter, medium-effect filter filter and efficiency filter. 1, the primary filter: filter outdoor large particles of dust and small bugs and other chemicals. 2, intermediate filter filter: filter outdoor bee pollen and other small particles of chemical substances. 3, efficiency filters: that is, HEPA, to do HEPA specification filters. Three, according to the filter material categorization Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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