New air system air outlet to be installed in where appropriate
2022-03-08 45:32

Along with the rise of the air index index value, the new air system in today's daily life more and more often applied, the family installed commercial, public places and other areas of use, the new air system with its strong practical effect, get the customer's pro-gaze. But about the new air system installation problems, many people do not have a good grasp, especially where the air outlet is installed is also confused, then the following we will actually look at.
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The difference between fresh air system and open windows or air purifier three
2022-03-08 40:02

Winter has arrived, the country every now and then broadcast air index, air index has been the target of concern, for this matter some people installed the air purification machine, some installed a new air system. Then some people ask that even if the windows can be naturally ventilated, why bother to install a new air system? If the environment is more serious pollution, a couple of thousand dollars of air purification machine can handle, why spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a new air system?
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These types of people are suitable for new air conditioning systems
2022-03-07 17:58

Fresh air system is suitable for new house just interior decoration application, that will reduce the environmental pollution in the room. Prevent in the room will be dizzy and its physical and mental health considerations. The family has a small baby of the hot summer is unlikely to let small children blow central air conditioning, will cause fever and cold and if it is their own hands using the folding fan for him to fan words, I think motherhood flooded really is too outstanding. Must also have diamond yarn outdoor tent, anti-mosquito word, the wind at night with the morning zero morning wind is cool and? Open the windows at night to ventilate are not convenient, a security risks but nowadays most of us are all have security windows. Second, indoor air quality hot.
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What are the advantages of the new air conditioning system
2022-03-07 13:13

It can send the fresh air from outside the room to the room with overconsideration and purification, and then discharge the dirty gas in the room to the outdoor, and also carry out kinetic energy acquisition from this, which can save resources. Moreover, the room can be designated quantitative analysis of the natural ventilation, a reasonable solution to the actual effect of indoor air quality is not fresh.
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Which new air system is better
2022-03-07 21:47

Which new air system is better, this problem is very much concerned about many people, in the end, the middle type of new air system is not considered a small appliance, the purchase must think twice.
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When is the installation of new air system more appropriate
2022-03-07 01:18

Unlike televisions, refrigerators and other electrical products, the new air system is not a commodity that can be moved and immediately applied by electricity, but must be technically and professionally designed and installed in order for the new air system to fully utilize its effectiveness. Similar to central air conditioning, the installation of the middle air system involves the opening of holes in the walls and the arrangement of piping outlets, so it is more appropriate to install it before the interior decoration.
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The significance of installing a new air system
2022-03-07 55:09

It is said that the new air system is good, so where is it good? Zhejiang every moment Aier new air system manufacturers based on customer feedback information content to do the following summary.
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New home air conditioner to enjoy the summer "forest" breathing
2022-03-07 49:29

The installation of every moment air fresh air system, "wisdom" to make the whole house fresh (fresh and clean), to meet the summer home to enjoy the "forest" breathing health needs.
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How soon can I move in after renovating my new home
2022-03-04 24:02

In recent years, the media often reported moving into a new home, due to indoor formaldehyde exceeded the standard and caused disease news cases. Therefore, many people in order to avoid formaldehyde, the new home decoration, from the selection of materials to open windows to ventilate the smell are paid extra attention. So, in the end, how long after the completion of the new home renovation to stay healthy and safe?
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The working principle of the new home air conditioner
2022-03-04 19:02

Home new air conditioner is the use of active replacement of indoor air to improve indoor air quality of the new air conditioner, the indoor turbid air will be discharged, outdoor air through the core purification system for filtration into the indoor, indoor and outdoor air exchange, the magnitude of reducing the concentration of toxic substances in the indoor air, carbon dioxide concentration, concentration of respirable particulates, etc..
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