Eight benefits of new air system installation
2022-03-09 41:15

Eight benefits of new air system installation
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How to improve the service life of the new air system
2022-03-09 38:42

Along with the social economy, and the public's concern about the air index and cognitive ability to gradually improve the coverage of new air systems in public places and homes is increasingly high. Install a set of new air system plus the arrangement of pipeline costs are not low, so customers are more concerned about the use of the new air system, in accordance with the current stage of technology, if it is not purchased to shoddy new air system, the general use of its life can do 10-15 years. In addition to the quality of the goods themselves, there are also the maintenance of the new air system in the application of the whole process.
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Why it is necessary to regularly clean and maintain the filter of the new air system
2022-03-09 33:31

The filter of the new air system is mainly to consider, block the outdoor floating dust, particles, air pollutants, and then send fresh air into the room, once the use of a long time, the filter will be full of dust, germs, pathogens, if not immediately clear the filter, it will lead to a more serious blockage of the filter when the centrifugal wind machine flow will increase, long-term application is very easy to make the motor burned.
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How to evaluate the new air conditioning system
2022-03-09 24:52

The general price of fresh air all depends on the equipment, different equipment price gap is really big, not necessarily the new air system should be a limit of the price range. But along with the development trend of China's new air field, the industry actively carry out independent research and development, in the technical, raw materials, manpower and other levels continue to manipulate the cost of fees, China's new air system has slowly step into the household.
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Should the new air system be installed after the plumbing
2022-03-09 18:13

Unlike general electrical products, the new air system is not a commodity that is immediately applied by electricity, but must be professionally designed and installed in order for the entire new air system to fully utilize its effectiveness. There are opportunities to install whole house type new air conditioners, there is no such store past this village, which is the same as the axiom of selecting home central air conditioners and wall mounted air conditioners. To involve a hole in the wall, the pipeline outlet arrangement, really not anytime and anywhere you want to install it.
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Wall-mounted fresh air system without return air inlet wind will back up in
2022-03-09 13:37

In recent years, people's consumption power has continued to increase, and the quality of daily life has become more and more demanding. Especially in the modern urban gas poor condition, the coverage of new air system in Chinese style homes has gradually increased in the past few years.
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Installing a fresh air ventilator during the month is too right
2022-03-08 20:51

After the installation of fresh air ventilator in the home, the greater gain is to finally have a sense of belonging, contemporary home installation of new air system has a variety of filters, including high efficiency filters to resist PM2.5 and over consideration of harmful cars and odor activated carbon filters, etc.
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Why the new air system installation requires holes in the wall
2022-03-08 17:00

Fresh air system according to 24 hours continuous exhaust, the outdoor fresh air through the consideration, clean sent into the room, in addition to the room will be dirty gas out of the outdoor, maintain fresh air in the room. New air system to do this effect prerequisite is to open a hole in the wall, so that indoor and outdoor gas according to the diameter of the commodity circulation, installation of new air system must open a hole through the wall, in order to introduce external fresh air.
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What is the difference between the different prices of new air conditioning systems
2022-03-08 51:14

Speaking of these 2 years, the new air system is the more red new project, whether it is the broad industry prospects of more than 100 billion yuan, or the competition for assets from all walks of life, the new air machine has long become a hot "fragrant buns" in the home appliance industry.
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New air system is an air purifier with a new name
2022-03-08 04:24

Some people think that the new air system is the air purifier is a new name? It is a misconception of the new air system does not understand.
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